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Smooth Operator is a unique public safety initiative. It is a partnership of law enforcement, public safety officials and other experts in the District of Columbia and Maryland.

Smooth Operator is a model for a coordinated, intra- and interstate program designed to combat the aggressive driving problem and find short- and long-term solutions for it. Law enforcement agencies, trauma experts, government officials and other professionals have worked together to educate motorists of the risks involved with aggressive driving, and to stigmatize aggressive driving behavior on our roads.

History of the Smooth Operator Program

In 1997, Smooth Operator was founded with 18 law enforcement agencies coordinating efforts to get tough on aggressive drivers in the greater Washington, DC area. It resulted in 62,000 citations that first year.

Officials felt more was needed to raise awareness and change behavior. A coalition was formed of elected officials, government agencies, private sector organizations and law enforcement agencies to develop a comprehensive program for reducing aggressive driving. As a result, in 2000, a public awareness and education component was added to the program,which aimed to inform people about aggressive driving and encourage them to be more aware of their potential to drive aggressively, particularly in congested traffic or when they are stressed.

Smooth Operator has become a model program for the nation, and it's growing every year. The 2010 campaign involved law enforcement agencies from all around Maryland, Northern Virginia and the District of Columbia. It gave out more than 510,000 citations over the four periods of enforcement waves.

Since 1997, over 3.6 million citations have been issued to aggressive drivers.

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